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transformer repair

Alfa Transformer Transformer Repair Refurbished Reconditioned

Alfa Transformer is trusted by manufacturers, utilities, government agencies, electrical contractors, and commercial property owners to repair their dry type and oil filled transformers through 5000 KVA, up to 35 kV. Alfa also repairs special application transformers and other coil-based equipment such as reactors, chokes, and rectifiers.

Our repair division has more than 40 years of experience and uses modern design techniques to provide high quality, reliable transformer repair.

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high voltage dry type transformers

Alfa Transformer High Voltage Medium Voltage Transformers

Alfa Transformer stocks remanufactured and reconditioned, medium and high voltage, three-phase dry type transformers through 2500 KVA.

Alfa also provides standard and custom designs through 10 MVA, up to 35kV. Transformers can be designed to meet existing specifications, fit into existing enclosures, or between primary and secondary switchgear.

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low voltage dry type transformers

Alfa Transformer Low Voltage Dry Type Transformers In Stock

Alfa Transformer can ship new, 600V class, three-phase and single-phase dry type transformers through 500 KVA from warehouses across the U.S. Available in ventilated, encapsulated, and open core and coil designs. Alfa also stocks motor drive isolation transformers up to 770 KVA.

If you have a special application, Alfa Transformer can have a transformer designed, built and shipped in as little as a few days.

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pad mounted transformers

Alfa Transformer Pad Mounted Transformers

Alfa Transformer stocks new, remanufactured, and reconditioned three-phase and single-phase pad mounted transformers through 3000 KVA.

Alfa offers standard and custom designs through 10 MVA, up to 69kV primary voltages and up to 25kV secondary voltages.

Pad mounted transformers are available with standard and optional accessories such as FR3 fluid, loadbreak inserts, loadbreak elbows, feed-thru inserts, fuses, loadbreak switches, surge arresters, gauges, valves, and more. They are also available in live front or dead front, loop feed or radial feed configurations.

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substation transformers

Alfa Transformer Substation Transformers

Alfa Transformer provides three-phase and single-phase substation transformers up to 300 MVA, 230kV with the fastest lead times in the industry. Standard design and custom-designed units are available. Alfa offers designs for explosion-proof, 6-pulse, and other special applications.

On many power transformers Alfa offers additional services such as offloading, setup, installation, filling with oil, and more.

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pole mounted transformers

Alfa Transformer Pole Mounted Transformers

Alfa Transformer offers new and reconditioned pole mounted transformers through 333 KVA, primary voltages up to 35kV and secondary voltages up to 5kV.

Pole mounted transformers are available in two-bushing conventional and CSP designs. Many reconditioned transformers can be shipped within 24-48 hours.

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